We have many different running series, with kind of a weird sorting mechanism, so I'll divide them up appropriately here.

Year One

Each "Year" is 4 games chosen by the community, a "Sell Out" game (where we play one of the best games of all time, instead of our normal more obscure ones), and then a "Best of the Rest" game, which is the winner among the losers from the first 4 games of the year. Year One had 2 Sell Out Games, and took about 18 months to complete.

Our first game we played, has many growing pains because of that fact. The July Episode is considered one of our early best episodes, due to our coverage of Operation Babe Hunt.

This game was the first the community was able to vote on, and won out over Okage Shadow King in a narrow victory. Overall we all learned to love Rogue Galaxy, but it took us a while to get there.

This game is the first of our AutobiRPGs, and is one of Eli's favorite games from growing up. It beat out Magic Knight Reyearth(SNES) in another close poll. We played the 1.0 version of the fan translation, because the 2.0 version wasn't out yet. If you wanna play along, make sure you get the newer version of the translation, because it fixes most of our issues we had with the writing.

This was Maddy's AutobiRPG, winning out over Dragon Quest V by a landslide. We had hyped up DQ5 as the best game of all time, and the reason the JRPG genre should exist, and the fans did not care, and instead voted for XenoGears. This game also marks when Maddy came out as Transgender, live on the finale episode! Huzzah!

This was Sam's AutobiRPG, and is probably his favorite game of all time. It beat out Shining Force just barely, and ended up becoming Eli's favorite game we've played in season 1. That is, the only one he'd go back to play again.

The first of our "Sell Out" games, we played probably the most influential RPG in the 6th Generation of Consoles. Eli never felt like he was playing a final fantasy, but in the end, we all loved this game, and loved breaking it down to talk about all the feels therein.

The winner of Best of the Rest of Year One, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride was an amazing game. It starts off with a few cute additions to the Dragon Quest formula, but quickly establishes itself as an epic poem in the medium of JRPGs. This game is truly something to behold, and if you haven't ever dove in, you should experience it along with Eli and Sam. Guest Host Bernard Houck joins us for every episode!

Year Two

Year Two started real late, and also featured a bunch of life changes for the hosts, so it's full of short games and opt-outs, but also many great games you may have never played.

Bonus Games:

If ever a host has to cancel recording for the week, the remaining hosts play some extremely short game to discuss in a one-off episode. These are sometimes RPGs, but sometimes just short little story games. These are relatively Evergreen, but do sometimes refer to the main game we are playing at that time.

Halloween Specials:

Every Year, we find some horror or spoopy RPG game to play and release on Halloween.

Christmas Specials:

There are significantly fewer christmas games than any other sort of game, but until we run out, we'll play a game for christmas every year.


This never took off as a real series, mostly because Michael Rodriguez moved on from the podcast, so is more just a collection of all of the times we've recorded a podcast without talking about how a game made us feel.

Movie Nights:

Since the beginning, we have had Movie Nights with the Community, and would watch some movie that tied into our normal game over discord. But after Eli and Sam's schedules changed to be opposite from each other, this instead moved to bonus episodes, where we watch the film independently, then meet up to record our thoughts together in a normal Bookclub format.

By Request:

On our Ko-Fi there is a commissions page where people can bribe us to play the specific short (1-2 episode) game they want us to. The Peak of Selling out, this series also includes ads for the people who paid us. We've lost artistic integrity.


On our Ko-fi, we have goalposts to reach to unlock special series, going over games we wouldn't normally cover, like Non-RPGs in ShortCast's case. These will be 1-4 episodes long, and probably won't have an HP or MP bar in sight.


The companion to ShortCast, LongCast is for games that are HUGE, and would take more than 15 episodes to do in the normal pod feed. Each LongCast goalpost unlocks a part of the game, or in the cases of direct sequels and trilogies, one game of the set.

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