Who is RPG Bookclub?

Welcome to RPG Bookclub, the podcast where we play a little bit of a videogame, and talk about how it makes us feel. We are Sam Allmon, Elias "Sailor Eli" Warren, and Maddy Webbon.

Each week, we play a small chunk of a videogame, and then record a synopsis and reaction to the bit that we played. This allows us to guess what will happen next, and craft theories and respond emotionally to each plot beat of a game, instead of just the Aeriths, Lavitzs, and Pankraz's of the world.

We strive to highlight the lesser known games, so that these games can shine, and be loved for what they are, instead of just a footnote in someone else's Final Fantasy VII or Chrono Trigger discussion.

We can be found in your favorite podcatchers as RPG Bookclub, or at RPGBookclub.libsyn.com

Thanks for checking us out, I hope you stay a while, and listen!