Friday, November 15, 2019

Shortcast #1 - Halo: Combat Evolved - Part 2 - The Maw

Welcome to Shortcast! These episodes are sponsored by our supporters on our ko-fi, and cover games that can't fill a full Bookclub season, and aren't locked to just RPGs!

This Time: We finish the game!

Next Time: ???? Who can say?

If you'd like to play Halo, and somehow don't have a copy, you can pick up the disk for the OG Xbox (playable on all 3 xbox consoles) for a few bucks, the Anniversary Edition (playable on 360 and Xbone) for about 15 bucks on disk, and 25 bucks on download from the Xbox Marketplace, or the Master Chief Collection, for Xbone and Steam for about 60 bucks, which also gets you the whole series.

There was also an old PC version of Halo 1 available that you can probably find out there somewhere.

If you'd like us to cover more short games, help us get a long game out of the way first, and head over to and donate! All donations go towards unlocking the next Short/LongCast series.








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Listen to how this makes us feel!

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