Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cosmic Star Heroine - Part 5 - Finale

This week! We beat the game, and speak to you guys LIVE on We also squeeze in our Movie Night conversation to pad the really short episode this time around.

Next Week: We play Lost Odyssey, and save before entering the Grand Staff Construction Site.

If you'd like to play along with us, Lost Odyssey is available for download on XBox 360 and XBox One, as well as being a frequent bargain used game if you look online!

If you do not have an XBox, or cannot play along, there are several good "Game Movies" of the game, as well as a bunch of let's plays on youtube, so you can still follow along, even though this is a less accessible game than we typically play.







Sailor Eli on YouTube

Listen to how this makes us feel!

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