Monday, July 29, 2019

Dragon Quest V: Finale - LIVE

This week! We finish the whole dang game in front of people on our twitch stream!
Next Week! Sam and Eli go to Classic Game Fest and talk to you guys! (The week after that, we play the first 3 chapters of Cosmic Star Heroine)

Since the DS version is very expensive these days, Eli is playing on the phone, so Sailor Eli won't be Let's playing this game, but there's a great World of Longplays here, where you can watch the game and stop when we stop.
And of course, the game is SPECTACULAR on iOS and Android, which only costs 15 dollars.
This season was brought to you by our ko-fi supporters, who voted on the best game we didn't play in 2018 on our Ko-fi. You can be like them too, and donate at
If you think Bernard is cool, check out his podcast: Have you Played Resident Evil?
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Listen to how this makes us feel!

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